Jungle Book

Year: 1967
Director: Zoltan Korda
Writer: Rudyard Kipling
Cast: Sabu
More magical an experience than the Disney cartoon turned out to be even with the dodgy string puppet animals and other shoddy effects.

Kipling's universal tale of Mowgli, raised by the wolves and tempted back to the human world, is bought out in an earnest performance by Sabu.

If you were born in or after the 1970's, you'll have first been exposed to the Disney 'Bare Necessities' version and part of the allure will be seeing the characters you know as real animals instead of animated idiots doing song and dance numbers.

By all accounts however, this is a Disney version itself, stripping many of the elements of Kipling's narrative away to make it more audience-friendly, for example by giving Mowgli the love interest in the princess.

Memories of this film always conjure up the overzealous whipping out of a knife and the declaration 'I have my tooth!'

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