The Kid Stays in the Picture

Year: 2002
Production Co: Ministry of Propaganda Films
Director: Nanette Burstein
Writer: Nanette Burstein
Cast: Robert Evans, Francis Ford Copolla, Catherine Deneuve, Errol Flynn, Ava Gardner, Henry Kissinger, Jack Nicholson, Tyrone Power, Darryl F Zanuck
Legendary Hollywood producer Bob Evans gives you the scoop on his 'colourful' life as a prettyboy actor and Tinseltown powerbroker. Evans narrates a series of montage clips and stills from his exploits and spins an interesting and at times wild story.

That's also the problem. We're dealing with a professional storyteller here, and you're better off taking his version of events with a pinch of salt. He barely touches on the drug abuse that defined him for the entire 80s, and denies everything about the murder case that jettisoned his credibility. Be wary when a Hollywood icon spins his own story, but you will be entertained.

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