Year: 1995
Production Co: independent Pictures
Director: Larry Clark
Writer: Larry Clark/Harmony Korine/Jim Lewis
Cast: Rosario Dawson, Chloe Sevigny

It's as hard hitting and shocking as its reputation says, and the documentary style does it great justice by making the whole thing seem like we're a fly on the wall - being presented with a set of people and circumstances, rather than being told what to think about them.

A group of teenagers in New York are off the rails with hedonist boredom, delving too deep into the world of drugs, underage sex and bad living for you to have any sympathy for them.

It took a long time to tell an essentially simple story, thanks mostly to the doco style - most of the dialogue is to set a mood and look realistic, which it does. The only sticking point is that an ugly geeky kid with a bad speech impediment getting so many chicks is a real stretch to believe.

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