Year: 2006
Production Co: Stealth Films
Director: Menhaj Huda
Writer: Noel Clarke

The teen delinquent genre will never run dry as long as the papers carry stories of Columbine or Virginia tech, and like most of them Kidulthood cherry picks the most extreme behaviour imagined by its writer and director and attributes it to a small group.

It'll make you want to lock your doors and never venture out into a world of these monster babies, but keep it all in perspective - of the teenagers you know, how many give head to strange men for money to go shopping with, or hit each other with baseball bats hard enough to kill or get mixed up with shady drug dealing uncles? They shoplift, they have sex together too early in life and regret it, they smoke and they get tattoos. Not many do the stuff you see in movies and those who do are isolated extremes.

The kidults of the title are in fact kids, plain and simple. They dress like gangsters, have all day to traipse around London getting into trouble instead of having to support themselves, take drugs, fuck each other and don't treat anything or anyone around them with any respect.

After the suicide of one of their bullied peers, a group of British teens get the day off and instead of thinking about how all their behaviour and way of life contributed and caused the girl's death, they run riot spending and stealing money, getting in fights, selling their bodies and shuffling around mumbling incoherently (in that respect it depicts modern kids very realistically).

The plot is episodic but all the streams are bought together. The script and acting are so-so but they service the sales pitch, which is that the kids are out of control and all your adults better face up to what's going on while you're working long hours to buy big screen TVs.

Thoroughly modern, just like I Was a Teenage Werewolf was in 1957.

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