Killing Zoe

Year: 1994
Production Co: Live Entertainment
Director: Roger Avary
Writer: Roger Avary
Cast: Eric Stoltz, Julie Delpy, Jean-Hugues Anglade
An uber-cool urban myth kind of story about American bank robber Zed (Stoltz) who arrives in the city of love and immediately sleeps with Parisienne hooker Zoe (Delpy) who he falls more or less in love with.

His creepy associate Eric (Anglade) shows up the next morning to pick Zed up for the hit they're doing that day, kicks Zoe out and they get to it.

Problem is, when they arrive at the bank, Zoe works there, and Zed can't bring himself to hurt her. Because as it quickly becomes obvious to the audience, Eric is a psychopath and many of the bank employees are going to be very hurt indeed.

The loyalties of the group shift as Zed realises he wants to get himself and Zoe out alive and Eric just gets scarier before the whole thing ends in tears and bloodshed.

Writer/director Roger Avary's always had a sort of Tarantino film student, edits-on-his-computer feel about him (and not just because he co-wrote Pulp Fiction), and it's evident here. Killing Zoe is frenetic, violent, edgy and cool.

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