Kindergarten Cop

Production Co: imagine Entertainment
Director: Ivan Reitman
Producer: Ivan Reitman/Brian Grazer
Cast: Arnold Scwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Linda Hunt
One of Arnie's many forays into comedy and funnier than the rest. The big guy deserves a bit of credit for being willing to make fun of his own image for laughs, and as a performer he's eager and throws his considerable weight into it.

As the stereotypical cop, he takes off with the show, everything else a bland thriller plot with equally bland characters as he's assigned undercover as a kindergarten teacher to watch over the kid of a criminal father he's trying to catch, falling in love with the kid's mother in the process.

A point of difference in Pamela Reed as Schwarzenegger's sarcastic partner but thankfully he's on screen most of the time to distract you from the convenient but forgettable story.

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