King Kong Lives

Year: 1986
Production Co: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Director: John Guillermin
Producer: Dino De Laurentiis
Writer: Steven Pressfield/Ronald Shusett
Cast: Linda Hamilton, John Ashton

Fairly ridiculous sequel to one of the best movies of the 70s and certainly the best remake of all time, Kong is (in true Hollywood style) not quite dead after falling off the World Trade Centre. He's in a huge medical facility on life support, with a custom built pacemaker built in that his 'doctor' (Hamilton) has to monitor.

Meanwhile, adventurers returning to Skull Island nab another 40 foot gorilla - a female. They of course bring her back to America where Kong wakes up, gets her scent and goes on the rampage to get to her. There's lots of calling in of the military and the scientists trying to hold them off so the great apes can survive later, and there's really no prizes for guessing what happens next.

But it's the final sequence that will make you more nauseous than any other scene in film history as Mrs Kong sighs in frustration at Kong Junior's antics as he tries to impress her by swinging through trees but smiles – smiles! A gorilla! – because he's just so irresistible.

Ten years of advancement in effects does show (as well as a more knowledgeable portrayal of gorillas, this time having them walk on their knuckles instead of bipedally as the 1976 Kong did), but Guillermin, who directed the original, should have been shot after this (and has been so silent ever since, he probably was).

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