Kiss or Kill

Year: 1997
Production Co: October Films
Director: Bill Bennett
Producer: Bill Bennett
Writer: Bill Bennett
Cast: Matt Day, Frances O'Connor, Andrew S Gilbert, Chris Haywood
Another Australian movie trying to cool and not only failing at whatever box office it landed in (as far as I know) but not making much of an impact creatively either.

I think it's trying to be a music video Bonnie and Clyde, but it turns out a more or less ugly and not terribly exciting story of two deadbeat lovers who become criminals on the run for a living, her seducing their marks, he providing the muscle where necessary. When a scam goes wrong they take to the outback highways, pursued by two cops.

I don't remember a point or resolution and it's best avoided. Matt Day is too insipid to be a bad guy, and Frances O'Connor isn't attractive enough to be a sexy vamp. Better casting might have helped, but nothing about the story stands out either.

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