Year: 1996
Production Co: Boneyard Film Company, Inc
Director: Lynne Stepkowich
Producer: Lynne Stepkowich
Writer: Lynne Stepkowich
Cast: Molly Parker

Here's a challenge someone took seriously - make a serious, sensitive, sensuous movie about necrophilia. Sandra (Parker) grows up fascinated by the solitude and silence surrounding death and decomposition. As a young child, she buries the body of a dead bird she finds then sneaks back outside in the middle of the night to dig it up and rub it all over her skin.

Sandra grows up quiet, reserved and enigmatic, landing her dream job as an embalmer for a local funeral director and drinking in every facet of the business while she indulges her passions of - yes, you're reading it right - making love to dead bodies.

The single 'sex' scene isn't explicit and, much like the mood of the rest of the film, is about the emotional bliss sexual satisfaction gives Sandra, of what she calls the 'crossing over'.

When she meets a young man and they embark on a delicate and difficult romance, she's shockingly frank with him about her predilections. He soon finds himself in competition with other men he can't hope to beat for Sandra's affection except by taking a final, unchangeable step into a man she really wants.

Without the disquieting subject matter, this could be the most sensuously and lovingly shot romantic drama you've seen in ages. Truth be told, it is - writer/director Stopkewich crafting a quiet, soft love story. As Sandra, Parker is luminous, with a timeless quality to her beauty and soft voice that makes her seem like a sad, discordant angel.

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