Knight Moves

Year: 1992
Production Co: Republic Pictures
Director: Carl Schenkel
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Diane Lane, Tom Skerritt, Daniel Baldwin
A groovy little mystery thriller, fairly run of the mill now I look back with the charismatic lead, beautiful female who falls in love with him and a host of other clichés, but I really enjoyed trying to guess the whodunit. I defy anyone who hasn't seen it to do so before the killer is revealed.

Set in the world of professional chess tournaments, Peter (Lambert, in his last good role) is near the top, but beautiful young women he knows start getting bumped off around him with notes apparently for him.

As he and the two cops assigned to the case try to race the clock and work out what's going on before more people die, his elderly, blind mentor and young daughter are all dragged into the fray with him and the hottie who wants to trust him (Lane).

Slick, well acted and satisfying.

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