Year: 2006
Director: Alistair Grierson
Writer: Alistair Grierson
Cast: Jack Finsterer, William McInnes, Angus Sampson, Steve Le Marquad, Tom Budge, Shane Bourne
A brutally realistic tale about the soldiers who formed the ill-equipped point patrol along the Kokoda trail during World War II.

Suffering dysentery and exhaustion, without enough weapons or nearly enough men, a small squad marched down the infamous New Guinea jungle track ahead of the much better equipped force who was supposed to meet them.

With the barbarous Japanese crawling the jungles, the men are cut off and face some terrible deaths that deplete their numbers and morale further than any man - let alone soldier - should bear.

Released a little too early for awards season in Australia, and as far I as I know it didn't make a massive dent at the box office either, which just goes to show the old axiom about movies (nothing knows anything) couldn't be truer; we complained bitterly about all the stupid comedies, and when a heartfelt, thrill-packed drama comes along we ignore that too.

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