Year: 1999
Production Co: Komodo Film Productions
Director: Michael Lantieri
Writer: Hans Bauer/Craig Mitchell
Cast: Billy Burke

Sometimes, you see a preview for a movie you know has gone straight to video, and it looks like it'll actually be very good, with slick production values and what looks like an engaging story. You watch it, and sometimes you're pleasantly surprised. Sometimes - as here - you realise it went straight to video quite rightly.

Komodo dragon eggs are thrown away on a Carolina Island. They grow up, kill everyone on the island, and a lone boy survivor is haunted by the nightmare. A psychoanalyst wants to take him back to help him through it, none of them realising the horror is true - and still lurks around.

The oil company that operates there has covered the whole thing up to avoid publicity that would put the spotlight on them, and all that sets the scene for some chase sequences between CGI Komodo dragons and humans through jungle and the deserted mecha-cities of oil drilling equipment.

The Komodo effects are good (they act better than the rest of the cast), the characters are cardboard, the plot is wafer thin, the dialogue is passable, and the politics are dubious. After so many lectures about how they're an endangered species, the hero dispatches every one with gusto, the last one when they're already safe in a helicopter.

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