Kuch Naa Kaho

Year: 2003
Director: Rohan Sippy
Cast: Aishwarya Rai
In film-hungry India this is presumably the pinnacle of the Bollywood genre that's sweeping Australia in a delightfully kitschy wave right now.

By western standards, where we're used to a distinct three-act structure that lasts for an hour and a half or two hours, it's interminable. Just when you think it's nearly over, another musical number or anguished emotional development starts and you realise you're stuck there for a while yet.

What's more interesting than the movie is the differences in culture between 'their' movies and 'ours'. The acting and production is most appalling, but (again, presumably) Indian audiences and western Bollywood fans go to see them for the joyous tales of falling in love and the lavish song and dance numbers.

The plot is a very simple boy meets girl, they clash, he falls for her, she's unobtainable and they go through the requisite anguish until the expected happy ending.

It's also funny that, for a filmmaking movement so obsessed with beauty (and star now on the rise in the western world Rai is indeed scrumptious and falling in love, it never gets past lingering glances and stroking of chins - in such a sexually conservative Hindu society, they don't even display kissing in public.

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