The Closet

Year: 2001
Production Co: Gaumont
Director: Francis Veber
Writer: Francis Veber
Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu, Mich'le Laroque
Another comedy in that peculiar French genre where they try hard to emulate the American studio rom-com style, the only difference being the accent.

Unexciting plod accountant Francois Pignon (Auteuil) is an accountant in a big company and is on the verge of being made redundant, everyone considering him deadwood. Bemoaning the state of his life with his elderly neighbour, they hit upon a plan to make him appear gay so the company won't dare fire him.

In true comic fashion, the ruse becomes too complicated to maintain in the face of a son and ex wife he's trying to make love him again, office gossip and the company misogynist (Depardieu) who's driven almost mad trying to mend his prejudiced ways by getting unnaturally close to Pignon.

A few Hollywood-style laughs, but the few glimpses of the gorgeous Michele Laroque is worth watching the whole film for, a beautiful woman with such poise, such... Frenchness.

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