Lady and the Tramp

Year: 1955
Studio: Disney
Director: Clyde Geronimi/Wilfred Jackson/Hamilton Luske
Cast: Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts, Stan Freberg
Where did we go wrong and stop believing in the sweet innocence of a Disney film? It's no coincidence that Walt Disney was the most prolific Oscar winner when he was alive but under the stewardship of everyone from Michael Eisner to Bob Iger Mauschwitz has been reduced to just one of many studios churning out CGI cartoons with fast dialogue and pop culture references?

Who doesn't know the leaving home/Romeo and Juliet parable where coddled housepet Lady goes beyond the front gate of her comfortable world and falls in with a rough and tumble group of streetwise strays led by the canine Brando Tramp? In her adventures falling in with his gang she'll experience the danger and fear of being a loose dog on the run and the romance and fun to be had when you follow your nose.

Soul? How can they manage to tug your heartstrings with the silhouetted profile of a happy, stupid mutt excited to be taken for a walk, blissfully unaware he's taking the 'long walk'? Heart? How can Tramp pushing a meatball across a pile of spaghetti to his erstwhile lover affect you so much?

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