Year: 1985
Studio: Warner Bros
Cast: Mathew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Leo McKern, Alfred Molina
This film came out of nowhere, probably on the heels of The Neverending Story, but I remember seeing it with schoolfriends and not knowing a thing about it.

But what a cast, now I look back. A young thief (Broderick) escapes into the underground sewers of a fortress city and befriends an enigmatic mercenary (Hauer) who has a hawk he dotes on.

It turns out the hawk is the love of his life, turning into a woman (Pfeiffer) every night when he in turn transforms into a wolf so they can never be together.

It's the result of a spell cast on the lovers by a jealous and powerful Bishop, and the soldier convinces the ruffian to join forces with him, penetrate the defences of the castle, kill the bad guy and free them from the spell.

A slightly girly good time. I particularly remember the climatic race against time as the kindly natured monk who helps them (McKern) prepares to kill the bird as the clock strikes at dawn.

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