Lakeview Terrace

Year: 2008
Production Co: Overbrook Entertainment
Director: Neil Labute
Producer: Will Smith
Writer: David Loughery/Howard Korder
Cast: Samuel L Jackson, Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington, Jay Hernandez

This film is like the commercial current affairs show version of those neighbour disputes you always see by way of the menacing, stalking atmosphere of Fatal Attraction.

Jackson is a conservative career cop who lives in a nice suburban LA community and takes issue when a mixed race married couple (Wilson and Washington) moves in next door. It goes from all nice to slightly menacing to downright dangerous over the course of the next few weeks, Abel (Jackson) making sure he gives the couple no recourse from his torment until he goes just a few steps too far.

Perhaps after the utter critical and commercial failure of his Wicker Man remake, LaBute wanted to stay safely in the middle of the mainstream road. There's no grandstanding or head-scratching to be had, just a slick and solid thriller that does an effective job with slowly bubbling tension.

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