Last Ride

Year: 2009
Studio: AustralianFilm Finance Commission
Director: Glendyn Ivin
Writer: Mac Gudgeon
Cast: Hugo Weaving, Tom Russell

Finally, an Australian movie that isn't about ugly characters in a dour, miserable setting? Fat chance. It's just another in the procession of local movies about the dark side of life as career criminal and scumbag Weaving takes his young son on a road trip across Australia's harsh wildernesses and arbitrarily abuses him emotionally, physically and mentally along the way.

You'll be waiting for the entire movie for any sort of story to crop up and tie the threads together, but there's none. It's just another movie about an unattractive deadbeat that will do little to change your outlook apart from make you feel depressed that you share the world with such yobbos.

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