The Last Seduction

Year: 1994
Production Co: Incorporated Television Company
Director: John Dahl
Cast: Linda Fiorentino, Bill Pullman, Peter Berg, J T Walsh
Another of Hollywood's attempts to express its collective love affair with the noir film, Linda Fiorentino plays the femme fatale who's out to get everything she can and is prepared to use her feminine wiles to do it, all the time with a sharp mind behind the dazzling eyes and shapely body.

Throughout the film you wonder why you don't want this woman to get her comeuppance. She's a criminal after all and thinks nothing of using men to reach her goal, not only prepared to let them take the fall for her but intent on it.

But instead we cheer for Bridget (Fiorentino) as she rips her shady husband Clay (Pullman) off after convincing him to sell drugs through his business as a doctor. She goes on the run, Clay sending an assortment of characters of dubious means after her. She falls in with naive dolt Mike (Berg), who's blind to her scheming, and uses him to make her getaway.

It's well put together but slightly distasteful and nasty. Noir is supposed to be a fantasy genre, but John Roadkill Dahl makes it a little too close to reality and you can imagine clever, beautiful women using what they have to destroy lives and get their way.

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