Last Train to Freo

Year: 2006
Production Co: Pork Chop Productions
Director: Jeremy Sims
Writer: Reg Cribb
Cast: Steve Le Marquand, Gigi Edgley, Tom Budge
Some movies deal with alien invasions and global-scale natural disasters, capturing the pop culture zeitgeist with history-defining moments that concern or attract the notice of the entire human race.

Some zero in on a handful of people and slowly reveal the goings on behind the closed doors of their hearts. Nowhere is the small school of filmmaking more apparent than in Last Train to Freo, a psychological drama about a train trip from Midland to Fremantle. Five people board the train during the midnight journey, all of them have secrets and all of them will leave the train transformed.

What remains to be seen is whether Freo will rock the world of Perth audiences and beyond. Like the first thrill Sydneysiders felt seeing their backyards in Hollywood blockbusters around the late 90's, there's a strong novelty factor hearing the familiar recorded announcements of station arrivals and 'doors closing' warnings, but Sims isn't interested in making the definitive Perth story.

The Midland-Fremantle line is only the backdrop as five very different lives collide. The film looks and behaves like a thriller as two deadbeats (Le Marquand and Budge) terrorise the other passengers.

But as it progresses in real time on a night the guards are on strike (how Transperth agreed to that must be a story in itself), Last Train turns into a psychological drama as the gathering turns out not to be less a coincidence than we thought.

Taut and disturbing, melodrama during the ending makes it buckle a little, but Last Train to Freo will keep you engrossed.

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