The Lawnmower Man

Year: 1992
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Brett Leonard
Writer: Brett Leonard
Cast: Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Lewis

Okay, how a Stephen King short story about a guy attacking people with a lawnmower can have anything to do with virtual reality is beyond me. The two were totally unrelated, so if you think you're seeing a Stephen King story, forget it. There's one scene in the movie that's lifted from the short story but has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of it. King thought so too, suing the producers and having his name taken off the movie.

That aside, is it any good? No, not at all. Like other movies meant to be cool by encapturing an edgy new technological movement (like The Net for the net and Hackers for hackers), it's a case of too little too soon. You coudl tell even while you watched it how horribly dated it would be in no time at all.

it's also proof you can't hang a movie on a concept. An idiot savant (Fahey) is taken in by a VR researcher (Brosnan) and given a new lease on life by the experiments the two take part in. In fact, the child-like protagonist becomes a digital Frankenstein's monster, turning on his master to (mwa ha ha ha!) take over the world! Narratively all over the place, uninteresting and a showcase for mid-80s computer effects and how expensive and hard it was to do what you can now probably do in Adobe Aftereffects in five minutes.

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