The Lazarus Project

Year: 2008
Production Co: Be Good Productions
Director: John Glenn
Writer: John Glenn/Evan Atrowsky
Cast: Paul Walker, Bob Gunton, Lambert Wilson, Piper Perabo
It could have been a bit more action packed, but Paul Walker is as watchable as always in this thriller about a former hood with a loving family and all the reasons in the world not to revert to his former life.

When his no good brother comes calling with a sob story about vengeful mobsters, Ben (Walker) is talked into doing one more job. Of course it all goes wrong and when his brother and some security guards are killed, Ben's given the death sentence.

He awakens to find himself living a strange new life as the groundskeeper of a psychiatric facility. Ben's determined to return home and find his family, but an enigmatic figure (Wilson) who appears to be an angel hints that Ben's in a netherworld he can't escape from, and that he has merely to accept his new life and let go of his wife and daughter.

After a few unsuccessful and terrifying attempts to get away Ben tries to resign himself that he's stuck there, but he's plagued by strange sightings around his remote cabin home on the grounds and wonders what's truly real.

If you've stayed interested long enough you'll be wondering if there's a supernatural explanation for what's going on, but in a marketing stumble the title tends to give the whole game away, and both the head of the hospital (Gunton) and his erstwile guardian angel turn out to be a lot less than they seem.

For a good thriller premise it could have done with more detail, and despite seesawing between thriller and drama without really knowing which it wants to be the story is solid with good performances.

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