Let’s Get Skase

Year: 2001
Director: Matthew George
Writer: Matthew George/Lachy Hulme
Cast: Lachy Hulme, Alex Dimitriades, Craig McLachlan
A weird premise for a film, something the Australian Film Commission and Screenwest threw money at obviously hoping it would be another Muriel's Wedding because of the subject matter. A band of rogues, and nitwits, led by sleazy Peter Dellasandro (Hulme), decide to travel to Majorca to kidnap Christopher Skase to bring him back to Australia for trial, and to face enraged Quintex investors.

Why they want to do it, how they become a working unit, why Dellasandro's arch enemy (Craig MacLachlan, who I didn't recognise for a long time) wants to stop them and plenty of other background information is missing. The heart and soul showed up before you realised any of the characters had any - which made their motivations fairly confusing, but Hulme is a charming and funny lead and the script has some great lines.

It's hard to decide whether to take the rousing speeches, stirring music and American-style patriotism seriously (being Australian, you're waiting for it to make fun of itself), but no self-depreciating humour appeared out of them, making them a little out of place. A charming movie but with a few too many frills.

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