Letters to Juliet

Year: 2010
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Director: Gary Winick
Writer: Jose Rivera/Tim Sullivan
Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave, Gael Garcia Bernal

If you like rom coms, avoid this movie at all costs. It's a rom totally devoid of any com. The only part of it that surprised me was when the old lady told the hero 'go get the woman you love'. They were on a beautiful Tuscan vineyard with horses everywhere, and I felt sure he was going to jump on one rather than drive off in a car like he did.

Some romantic comedies at least have a few chuckles, even if you've already seen them all in the trailer. This not only has none, it ladles the romantic sentiment on so thick unless you're with a new boyfriend or girlfriend you're still all over like a rash it'll make you gag.

Amanda Seyfried is a staple of the genre so far but all I can think of Gael Garcia Bernal is that he was desperate for the money. When he virtually abandons her on their psuedo-honeymoon, she falls in with a group of women who collect up the letters left for Juliet at Verona's famous balcony, answering outpourings of heartbreak and please for romantic advice.

When she heroine finds a letter written 50 years before, she convinces the women who wrote it return to Italy to find the boy she should have run off with. The woman (Redgrave) brings her standoffish but handsome nephew, and we've just got no idea what's going to happen, have we?

Like in A Good Year, it's a fantasy Europe. There isn't a rubbish bin or Wal Mart from one end of Verona to the other and everyone anywhere in Verona, everyone 25 or under is gorgeous and everyone older owns a vineyard. Like cramming a mouthful of treacle down your throat.

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