Life Stinks

Year: 1991
Studio: MGM
Director: Mel Brooks
Producer: Mel Brooks
Writer: Mel Brooks
Cast: Mel Brooks, Lesley Ann Warren
What the hell happened to Mel Brooks? He was right up there with the Zucker brothers and... actually, nobody else was in their class.

High Anxiety and Blazing Saddles are still among the most watchable comedies in history, but by the time Robin Hood; Men in Tights roiled around, Mel had started to descend into the same sort of twilight-of-life sag as Woody Allen.

He should have stuck to producing (and thankfully is nowadays) after being the low profile but visionary brains behind projects from The Elephant Man to Cronenberg's The Fly remake.

Here he plays a corporate bigwig who accepts a bet that he can live on the streets with no money or comforts, and it was so unfunny I turned it off barely half an hour in.

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