The Limey

Year: 1999
Production Co: Artisan
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Cast: Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Lesley Ann Warren, Luis Guzman
As close to a misfire as you can ever see Steven Soderbergh coming. Terence Stamp is an atypical 60's East End London career crim who's come to the City of Angels to avenge his daughter's murder. The trail leads to an ex hippie music industry executive (Fonda), and the story deals with Wilson (Stamp) killing and bluffing his way into Valtine's (Fonda) world where he inexplicably ends up walking away rather than kill him.

High arthouse direction with conversations spanning numerous funky cutaways and traversing scnes works to a point but just seems strange when it's overdone.

The other irritation is that it capitalises on the working class Brit vernacular too hard so as to impress American audiences - Wilson's diatribe to the secret service agent is almost a comedy skit.

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