Live and Let Die

Year: 1973
Production Co: EON productions
Studio: MGM
Director: Guy Hamilton
Producer: Albert R Broccoli/Harry Saltzman
Writer: Ian Fleming/Thomas Mankiewicz
Cast: Roger Moore, Yaphett Kotto, Jane Seymour
Although I can't say why, this is my favourite Bond film after all these years. Is it because Roger Moore was my favourite Bond (sacrilege!) and this was his debut? Was it Jane Seymour? Or the snakes associated with the voodoo cult premise?

Who knows, but several agents have been murdered, including one in New Orleans and one on an enigmatic Caribbean Island called San Monique.

Bond is dispatched to the slums of Harlem to track down a drug kingpin called Mr Big (Kotto), whose link to Haitian voodoo leads him first to New Orleans and then to the Island caught in the grip of fear by Mr Big/Kananga's erstwhile rule.

Aided by Kananga's girlfriend and tarot card reader Solitaire (Seymour), whom Bond quickly beds and turns away from the dark side, our hero faces an iconic collection of villains, from the behooked Tee Hee to the oversized Whisper.

Lots of cool locations, hot girls and cartoony. The action was in that sweet spot of a James Bond film - not so gritty like when they always crap on about 'rebooting the franchise', not so over the top it might as well be a video game. Screenwritten by the nephew of legendary Citizen Kane scribe.

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