Lizzie Maguire Movie

Year: 2003
Director: Jim Fall
Cast: Hillary Duff
Under sufferance because of a family outing, and my 11 year old girl picked the movie.

A pre-teen friendly rock video montage of everything they flog shamelessly to little girls nowadays - glamour, horses, love with exotic and beautiful boys, concerts, and being popular.

A bunch of teenagers go on a school trip to Rome and the screenwriter is given the task of keeping everyone under 13 engrossed while the rest of us to not to violently vomit.

The only thing that roused my emotions was the little cartoon character (that shows up every now and then, seeming to be her conscience), which I wanted to crush underfoot in a rage. Though I hate to admit it though, something makes Duff an accomplished actress for her age - despite being flawless enough to have undoubtedly been the beauty queen wherever she goes, she's adequately portrayed as the dorky, awkward but cute girl.

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