Lock Up

Completely hatstand Stallone vehicle with Rocky much too far behind him, already the same bland can-do, hero-for-hire in every movie.

He plays a Wrongfully Convicted Man whose innocence gives him the unique gift of being able to do anything. If there'd been a helicopter there he'd have flown it.

The Sadistic, Power Hungry Warden is Donald Sutherland, so hammy he was almost twirling a moustache and going 'Bwa ha ha ha'.

What? You don't know anything about the plot? Of course you do. If you recognise the above archetypes or you've ever seen Fortress, Cool Hand Luke or a million other prison breakout movies then trust me, you know the plot.

Apparently based on a true story, and produced by the Kassar/Vajna Carolco partnership that would end up a train wreck.

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