Logan’s Run

Year: 1976
Studio: MGM
Director: Michael Anderson
Cast: Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Farrah Fawcett Majors, Peter Ustinov
The idea was sound but like a lot of 70s sci-fi back when it was about the concerns of society and human rights rather than aliens and interstellar battles, it's kind of let down by hokey dialogue and too low a budget.

Logan (York) is a police assassin ensuring the security and viability of an idyllic future society by enforcing the law that everyone must die at age 30 so as not to overstretch the meagre resources of the colony. We see the ritual passing during the surreal 'renew, renew' scene, where murder is treated like a rapturous religious event.

When Logan gets wind of an enclave of people who have escaped, he runs - a codeword for going AWOL and missing his own 'Lastday' on the eve of his own 'renewal' with a token babe in tow (Agutter) to find them so he can live out his years.

With his own forces hot on his trail it becomes a thriller action movie. Like Fahrenheit 451, it's not quite strong enough to sustain a feature length movie without turning into just another chase movie, but strong nevertheless.

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