The Longest Yard

Year: 1974
Director: Robert Aldrich
Cast: Burt Reynolds, Ed Lauter, Bernadette Peters

Likeable comedy about a pro footballer (Reynolds) who makes a stupid mistake and ends up in jail. Once there, he puts together a motley team of inmates to ultimately take on the prison guard team. A lot of well-worn Hollywood themes about leadership, teamwork and self worth as the team comes together and an uplifting climax.

The team has (naturally) come into its own and when it plays the prison guard team, starts to win. The stereotypical evil warden warns the hero to throw the game - he won't have his guards humiliated. Burt then (naturally) leads his team to victory by the closest margin (and biggest dive over a group of defenders) in cinema history. What punishment is meted out isn't known, other than the all American importance of winning (where he even wins the stereotypical nasty guard onto his side).

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