Looking for Alibrandi

Year: 2000
Production Co: Robyn Kershaw Productions
Director: Kate Woods
Producer: Robyn Kershaw
Writer: Melina Marchetta
Cast: Pia Miranda, Kick Gurry, Matthew Netwon, Greta Scacchi, Anthony LaPaglia, Leanna Walsman
One of the more successful (in content and box office) of Australia's cinematic new new wave as then-it girl Miranda plays Josie, the daughter of an Italian immigrant mother and slightly psychotic extended family.

It's a love letter to the life and times of New Australians as Josie deals with the entrenched prejudice at her exclusive private school, choosing the right man between golden boy politician's son John (Newton) and rebel in a panel van Jacob (Gurry) and trying to get to know the father she's never known (LaPaglia).

It's funny, sad and warm throughout, with an honesty of the spirit of modern teens few other films manage to grasp. It formed the genesis for Fox's 2002 train crash Garage Days, which ground both young stars' careers to a premature halt.

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