Loose Change 2nd Edition

Year: 2006
Production Co: Louder Than Words
Director: Dylan Avery
Writer: Dylan Avery
Proof not only that there are a million ways of looking at something this big, but that we never know the real story.

I don't necessarily agree with Avery's conspiracy theories, but his evidence is compelling. When all's said and done, we have as much reason to believe him as we have to believe the 9/11 commission report, George W Bush or any other authority. All we can do is look at what's being presented and make our own best guess.

From a technical perspective, Avery is an accomplished filmmaker, presenting his arguments strongly and clearly, dividing them into 'chapters' that he presents with mostly existing footage and a minimum of embellishment.

Scary, thought provoking and keeps the lid off a matter plenty of powerful interests want more than anything to clamp down, so by that virtue alone it's a good film.

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