Love at First Bite

Year: 1979
Director: Stan Dragoti
Cast: George Hamilton, Susan St James
So long ago in my kid at the movies past I barely remember it. New York in the late seventies, and Count Dracula (Hamilton) is looking for a mate. He selects on in reporter Susan St James, and has to bite her three times before the next full moon for her to become one of his undead minions.

The male lead, desperate to save her, tries all sorts of crazy schemes to stop the Count ('Three silver bullets to the heart!', 'No, that is a werewolf').

A wacky Renfield steals the show ('Or else what, you'll eat your lunch in my office?', 'No, my lunch will eat you') and the laughs are enough to please any eight year movie fan at the end of the 70's.

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