Magnum Force

Year: 1973
Production Co: malpaso Company
Director: Ted Post
Writer: John Milius
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, David Soul, Robert Urich
Now here's an anomaly. The character of Dirty Harry is every Republican politician's dream come true; a tough gunslinger who shoots first and ask questions later, who kicks arse and then takes names; the 'tough on crime' promise of a million grandstanding policymakers taken to an insane degree.

But suddenly he's on the trail of a bunch of rogue cops killing scumbags, The Star Chamber style, when the system lets them walk free.

It's the position you'd expect Callahan himself to occupy, but he comes down on the side of the liberals this time, going on the trail of the scumbags who are cleaning up the streets the way he ordinarily would himself. Maybe he was jealous he wasn't getting more action?

The stakes are upped considerably for Callahan's new case when a motorcycle cop (Soul) pulls over a carload of crooked businessmen who've just been acquitted on a technicality. Shooting the lot of them and their driver dead, there's a new vigilante in town, and it wears a badge.

Callahan (Eastwood) soon finds there's a club of them dedicated to taking the law into their own hands to clean up San Francisco, and he takes it on himself in his inimitable style to bring them down.

Retained the mood of the franchise beautifully and almost made Harry Callahan a dirtier, American James Bond.

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