March of the Penguins

Year: 2006
Director: Luc Jacquet
Cast: Morgan Freeman
Once again we can blame Michael Moore for revitalising the documentary genre so thoroughly that everyone with a doco idea gets a wad of money thrown at them by a studio or investor.

Not that March of the Penguins is a bad movie - far from it. But not all documentaries are cinematic. And come on, it's a nature documentary. Why do I want to pay $15 to see one when I was watching them on ABC when I was 10 years old?

It also didn't help that from the time Morgan Freeman's deep, authoritative narration began, the filmmakers did everything they could to appeal to the 'cute' factor - making predators out to be evil, playing funny music to go with the animals' amusing waddle and humanising them at every step.

If you're after scientific insights read a book on the Emperor Penguin instead. This treats the subject matter the same way a big studio animated comedy makes everything about the modern American family.

There are some stark visuals and the photography is amazing (and getting the pictures they got would have been incredibly hard). But we also see a movie for the content, not to dwell on how it was bought to us.

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