Mary Poppins

Year: 1964
Studio: Disney
Director: Robert Stevenson
Writer: P L Travers
Cast: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke
What childhood hasn't been touched by the immortal tale of a magical nanny? Growing up in Australia with no concept of nannies or the other trappings of life and culture London it was a little alien to me, but I'm sure I along with everyone else in the western world knows what 'supercalafragilisticexpialidocious' means.

The Banks family is having trouble holding onto nannies thanks to the restless children who only want their cold, Victorian-style father to love them. One day a no-nonsense candidate flies in on a windstorm with her trusty umbrella, introducing herself as Mary Poppins (Andrews).

The childrens' lives are transformed as they're led on a flight of fancy on Mary's magic and the exploits of her friend Bert the Chimney Sweep (Van Dyke), drifting between live action and animation in true Disney style.

It's a redemption tale as overt as any Disney have done, but delivered in a more innocent time when we enjoyed the magic on screen more than the corporate dramas and backstabbing behind the scenes.

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