Year: 1985
Studio: Universal
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Cast: Cher, Eric Stoltz, Sam Elliott, Estelle Getty, Laura Dern
A very TV Movie of the week issues film, where a young man is born with a genetic defect that severely deforms his face. His mother (Cher), a biker's moll, loves him dearly and can only try to shield him from the world she knows will reject him.

The film is at pains to reminds us that Rocky (Stoltz) is a normal kid with normal dreams - he has a pinboard on his bedroom wall of all the places he wants to visit when he and a friend visit Europe (and that you know will all be torn out in frustrated rage at one point in the movie).

A strange part of the institution of self-congratulations of Hollywood. In a land where everyone's rich and beautiful, they're only too ready to bestow acclaim upon someone who makes a point of being poor or ugly. The same thing was evident years later in the column inches written about Charlize Theron's transformation into serial killer Aileen Wuornos for Monster.

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