Maximum Overdrive

Year: 1986
Production Co: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Director: Stephen King
Writer: Stephen King
Cast: Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Yeardley Smith, Stephen King
The movie Stephen King later admitted he made while 'drunk and coked' out of his mind. And to be honest, it shows. Any movie that features Emilio Estevez talking balefully to a truck and finishing the conversation with 'you got that, fuck face?' can't be taken anywhere near seriously.

It's based on King's own story Trucks, and it's all the proof you need that King puts heart and soul into his stories that just don't translate to screen – even when the man himself is behind the camera.

The earth passes through a cloud of interstellar gas that inexplicably brings machinery to life. Not just to life, but with an intent to kill humans. So we end up with petrol bowsers, soft drink vending machines, a military vehicle mounted with an automatic weapon, an electric carving knife turning on their makers as they hole up in a truck stop diner.

It's hard to decide if it's a funny movie made serious or the other way around, but the premise isn't the only thing that suffers. The characters, their relationships, actions and dialogue are all so hackneyed it's like a bad stage play, and everyone (King included) should be embarrassed to have it on their CV.

By all accounts it was a non-stop party on set, King asking AC/DC specifically to do the soundtrack and nothing taken too seriously by the cast or crew, including safety. Besides a wooden beam flying through a camera that had been occupied a split second before, another cameraman lost an eye in an effects shot gone wrong and sued King for millions.

So bad it could be shown alongside Showgirls at a cult screening or bad movies video night.

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