Year: 1979
Director: Ivan Reitman
Cast: Bill Murray

One of the seminal teen comedies when they were just finding their feet, and featuring Bill Murray in the role that cemented his reputation as a comic actor.

The counsellors of a forested holiday camp spend their time doing what every teenager wants to do while spirited away in an idyllic location during summer - drink, screw, gossip and play pranks on the geeky camp administrator Morty.

Led by king prankster Tripper (Murray), they indulge on a crazy ride of getting in each other's pants, causing trouble for stuck up rival camp Mohawk and making each other (and us) laugh.

It finds a genuine heart in the subplot of Tripper showing his true colours through the lovable deadbeat facade by taking loner Rudy under his wing and helping him find his feet and confidence, but mostly it's just one funny set piece after another.

It's a surprise to learn that it was directed by Ivan Reitman, who of course went on to collaborate again with Murray and scriptwriters (and fellow Saturday Night Live graduates Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd to create one of the biggest movies of all time just five years later - Ghostbusters .

Pretty dated, but still fresh among a now 20 year old genre that's littered with generic bombs. Followed by three increasingly appalling sequels, including the film that revealed just how low former superstar Corey Feldman's career could go - Meatballs 4: The Summer Job.

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