Medicine Man

Year: 1992
Production Co: Cinergi Pictures Entertainment
Director: John McTiernan
Producer: Andrew Vajna
Cast: Sean Connery , Lorraine Bracco
It feels like a bit of a TV movie as Sean Connery - only just started to look a little past action heroics - plays a medico based in a remote jungle searching for a big drug treatment breakthrough.

When he requests an assistant, he bristles at the presence of the woman they send him (Lorraine Bracco), but against their better judgement they begin falling in love while rapacious capitalists and their bulldozers get closer, giving the pair a noble cause.

It's a surprise to learn the great John McTiernan directed this slightly schmaltzy environmental love story, unless there are heart-stopping sequences of action and adventure I don't remember. The $50m (a massive movie budget in 1992) had to go somewhere...

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