Year: 2001
Director: Paul J Lombardi/Brian Trenchard-Smith
Cast: Michael York, Michael Biehn, R Lee Ermey
A grand idea, carried out with such B grade, straight to video gusto that it's turned out to be B grade, straight to video tripe.

Another version of the rise of the Antichrist (York), who rises to power (after a bland and boring first half) to create a world superstate with only the good ol' US of A in opposition, his brother the President (Biehn) battling political enemies on the home front.

The climatic battle on the plain of Meggido contains about thirty seconds of exciting footage, and when York turns into his Satan incarnation at the end the effects, while cool, are of video game and not Hollywood blockbuster standard.

Biehn has been doing this sort of crap for the better part of 15 years, but surely York - after a bout of increased popularity after Austin Powers - didn't need to stoop this low, hamming it to the max and embarrassing everyone.

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