Year: 1990
Director: Richard Benjamin
Cast: Cher, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Bob Hoskins
An easy to digest, feel good big studio romp with a chick flick comic/drama feel.

Charlotte (Ryder) is trying to struggle with her oncoming growth to womanhood with no role models she respects - her mother (Cher) is a bit too sassy and raunchy for her liking.

Told mostly from Charlotte's point of view, it tells the story of the tribulations of a family trying to understand each other, love each other and celebrate their differences in a small American town. She sees her mother fall for a local guy (Hoskins) and she tries to keep her kid sister (an incredibly young Christina Ricci) on the straight and narrow while her own hormones take her to thrilling new places.

Nice, likeable and cute. Excellent performances as always from Cher and Hoskins.

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