Year: 1997
Director: Thomas Carter
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport, Michael Wincott
Another marketing anomaly, pitched to audiences as an action comedy (presumably to try to form association in moviegoers' minds with Beverly Hills Cop) but actually a fairly straight (not to mention exciting and violent) action film with a little humourous shtick by Murphy.

That said, the plot is pretty straightforward action movie fare. Murphy is a hotshot police negotiatior, specialising in talking psychos into giving up hostages. He meets his match in a creepy bank robber (Wincott), with who he spends the rest of the film hunting down with the help of dolt new partner (Rapaport).

Bringing his girlfriend into the fray, the villain is appropriately scary (played well by the always creepy Wincott) and the action satisfying throughout. Don't expect a lot, but don't expect a comedy.

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