The Mexican

Year: 2001
Studio: Dreamworks
Director: Gore Verbinski
Cast: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini, Gene Hackman
The identity of this film stumbles throughout, which explains it's failure at the box office - nobody knew what to make of it, and word of mouth buzz was generally bad.

A lot of it's played like a comedy, but characters, set pieces and sequences come along that were too emotional or violent. And as an action drama, it was too convoluted and 'funny'. Both stars have done better but did the best with essentially bad material.

Jerry (Pitt) - a mobsters' gopher, has to do the all-pervasive 'one last job'. Girlfriend Sam (Roberts, looking lush and freshly young) is purple with rage over his refusal to quit his life and commit to her, and throws him out.

When the job - retrieving an antique Mexican pistol - goes wrong and Jerry ends up in a growing mess to put things right, a rival mob goon (Gandolfini) kidnaps Sam to blackmail Jerry into delivering the gun to his boss.

Somehow two completely different plot streams (so much so they almost belong in different movies, El Mariachi and a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy) get twisted and twined together in the end, but too many strange and out-of-place things have happened for you to really like it.

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