Year: 2010
Studio: TF1 International
Director: Jean Pierre Jeunet
Writer: Jean Pierre Jeunet/Guillaume Laurant
Cast: Dany Boon

After films like Delicatessen and City of Lost Children (and to a lesser extent, The Insider and the work of Dr Suess.

Hero Bazil (Boon) survives having a bullet lodged in his brain during a street shoot out but loses his job and flat. He finds himself falling in with a band of misfits (or Micmacs as they call themselves) who live in a rubbish dump and make their living scavenging and repairing old junk using their various talents.

When Bazil joins them he enlists them all into his scheme to bring down two multinational arms manufacturers. One produced the land mine that killed his father when he was a child and the other made the bullet in his brain.

They hatch a bunch of crazy schemes to mess with each company and the two megalomaniac CEOs but it's played like The Little Rascals, each attempt a mixture of blind optimism, rickety gadgetry and the air of a bunch of naughty children playing.

The look and the tone of the film is similarly childlike and you wonder how it can have anything to do with weapons manufacturers, but somehow Jeunet makes it work.

It's his most crowd-pleasing movie, with plenty of laughs and even a little romance. If you're a hardcore fan you won't like it as much as the darker films he's made before, but everyone will get a kick out of it.

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