Midnite Spares

Year: 1983
Production Co: Filmco Ltd
Director: Quentin Masters
Cast: James Laurie, Gia Carides, Bruce Spence, David Argue, Tony Barry, Graeme Blundell, Jonathan Coleman
Classic forgotten Australian filmmaking, long before anyone talked about Australian films, let alone how good or bad they are.

Using some of the best talent we had, it was a rip roaring, action-packed story of a guy, a girl, fast cars, laughs, danger and thrills - devoid of messages, themes, social issue or anything else.

Racing driver Steve Hall returns home to find his father missing after dealings with a bunch of shady businessmen. He falls in with beautiful Greek girl Ruth (Carides), two drongo mechanics (Argue and Spence) and proceeds to use his instincts and bravado to bust open the car stealing ring that did his father in.

It captures the early 80s of Sydney perfectly, from stereotypes like the suburbs full of Greeks who don't take kindly to a native interloper to the way young Australians really spoke to the steamy shadows of inner city Erskineville.

It also has everything - great characters, a multi-faceted plot, a love story core, action and car chases and a lot of humour. It'll be very hard to find but do your best.

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