Miss Congeniality 2

Year: 2005
Production Co: Castle Rock
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: John Pasquin
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Ernie Hudson, William Shatner, Treat Williams
Nothing over and above the original, as it follows the exploits of Gracie Hart (Bullock) trying to be the new public face of the FBI while doing her job (rescuing her friends from the pageant in the original from a botched kidnapping in this case) what stands out is Bullock herself.

She has a rare charisma that somehow finds its heart even in this most asinine of Hollywood comedies, and her character enjoys some very refreshing flourishes in everything from the smallest movement or gesture or (to Bullock's own credit) a willingness to look ridiculous for laughs.

The cast is peopled with the usual comic stereotypes, but the show is all Bullocks, an accomplished actress who lifts even this kind of funny but instantly forgettable dross.

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