Year: 1998
Director: Tinto Brass
Writer: Tinto Brass
A schlock, soft porn story that only the Italians or French could have made - created in celebration of the continental European pastime of watching young women in various states of undress and sexual promiscuity (a pastime they at least admit as part of their national culture instead of hiding it under layers of falsehood and pretending it isn't the point like we do).

Not 'cult' enough for it's continental appeal to be it's selling point - so the local release in Australia features shockingly voiced American dubbing, it tells the story of a horny young girl betrothed to a loser who wants to wait until they're married.

So she does nothing but - as the title suggests - acts frivolously, masturbating at the thought of her mother's worldly-wise lover, flashing all over town and trying to talk her fiance into shagging her.

No real point except to remind fat, middle aged Italian men of their saucy youth. Released in the English speaking world as Frivolous Lola.

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