The Money Movers

Year: 1979
Director: Bruce Beresford
Writer: Bruce Beresford
Cast: Terence Donavan, Bryan Brown, Charles Bud Tingwell, Alan Cassell, Ed Deveraux, Tony Bonner, Lucky Grills, Frank Wilson
One of what must be the few straight action adventure films while Australian directors were all making navel-gazing New Wave films.

An ensemble cast from the top of the industry at the time fleshes out a great story of an inside job at a security company modelled on Armaguard. Terry Donavan is the ringleader, his younger brother Brian (Brown) and old union agitator his accomplices. They spend months planning the ultimate heist, but flies abound in the ointment, from undercover insurance investigator Bonner to crooked cop Cassell, from ex cop bounced out of the force for refusing to cover up corruption (Devereaux) to local crime boss Tingwell who wants a piece of the action.

Unapologetically violent, somewhat dated in the special effects, but with dialogue and characters that ring true and thrilling pacing.

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